How to thread your sling - an illustrated guide


Step 1

Hold the rings on your shoulder blade, as shown, and wrap the fabric around to your front. Next, pass the fabric, neatly gathered, through both rings, leaving behind a loose ‘sash’ of fabric across your chest.


Step 2

Now loop back underneath the lower ring.  You don’t need to worry about keeping the material tight at this point. Run your fingers through the fabric that sits between both rings to even out any twists.


Step 3

Hold the rings on your shoulder blade and pull tight. The trailing fabric should open up nicely.  Well done Mama, you’ve now succeeded in threading your sling and are ready to wear your baby!


Step 4

Hold your little one close to your chest, and gently pass their legs underneath the fabric. Ensure the fabric is tight underneath their knees, and roomy enough for their bottom so that you can safely remove your hands from supporting their body.


Step 5

Pull up the rest of the fabric so it’s high enough to support their neck.  The fabric in the ‘sash’ should start off as a double layer, but as your baby grows you can unfold it to become a larger single layer.

Secure the sling by pulling on the trailing fabric.  You should be able to tighten underneath their legs by pulling the side closest to your baby, and tighten up by their neck by pulling the side furthest away from your baby.