When I discovered I was unexpectedly pregnant, I felt like I was only seeing one kind of mother on my social media dashboards.  At the tender age of twenty - I wasn’t surprised to see that this wasn’t me, I wasn’t like her.  I didn’t feel that mothers were treated as the beautiful individual women that they are. A lovely colourful bundle of ages, styles and personalities.

I designed and made a Ring Sling that I felt resonated with my own personal style, after struggling to find something online.  Designed for the lovely but tricky newborn stage, something comfy and beautiful, oh, and that wouldn’t need ironing.   It was just fabric and rings but it felt like a garment that I would have happily worn pre-baby, and for me this meant so much.

The Ring Sling Company wasn’t just launched as a baby wearing product, but as a lifestyle brand seeking to liberate and validate the modern mother, doing things her way as she navigates this strange new world of parenting.  We want to embrace and empower the person within the mother (it goes without saying that dads are important too, but as a female-centric brand we’re focussing on mama!).

For these reasons, I am so proud to share my product with you.  Every Ring Sling has so much love and effort poured into it and I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I did mine. 

Love Anna